This system has been developed in our company and is being used in many different areas for decades.

Special Advantages are:

  • -really easy handling
  • – no risk of injury while putting the blade in or out
  • – notable stability

The main application areas of these blades are

  • chiropody
  • surgery
  • veterinray medicine
  • engineering

All blades are available in sterile and non sterile in 100 piece packages.

Dental und Laboratory

At special cutting techniques the blade mounting at the OR-grip can be used to apply a finger on it to exert more controlled pressure while cutting.

It preserves the fingers, in contrast to the rather sharp-edged, separate backside of the blade, which can be used to apply a finger on it at the “long hole”- system.

While the blade is being loaded sidewise as it happens during special cutting techniques, especially at chiropody or technical areas, the OR-System performs much better than the “long hole”- system.

The assimilation of the blade at the „long hole system“ ends right where the long hole of the blade ends and generates a predetermined breaking point of the blade while being loaded sidewise. The OR-System instead overlaps the assimilation of the blade at both sides by a few millimeters. This way it gives the OR-blade a much higher stability and prevents breakages.